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Biocàpsules: promoting business management skills in the ‘biotec’ business

Biocat continues to promote executive training through the Biocapsules programme, aimed at improving the strategic management skills of entrepreneurs and managers of biotechnology and medical technology companies.

This type of intensive training brings a strategic and transversal knowledge of different business areas in which deficiencies were detected, especially in the growth phase of business, when entrepreneurs and managers need to know new areas of strategic direction and management.

The 2012 programme was divided into five sessions around three axes, business development, management and communication, and were taught entirely in English. In particular, they were: Business Development, Strategic communication, Strategic management of industrial property,  Project management with highly qualified teams and, as an innovation, Start-up valuation in an international environment.

All five have been conceptualised with a clear orientation towards results and were taught by professionals with extensive experience who brought with them a methodology that combines theory and practice (case studies, discussions, presentations, etc.) in a dynamic and effective way.

A total of 78 managers, entrepreneurs and technicians have participated in this edition, which added to the 330 pupils in recent years strengthening the position of Biocàpsules as a strategic training option of the highest level.


One of the sessions of Biocapsules.

A total of 78 executives, entrepreneurs and technicians were involved in this issue.