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Competitiveness and talent, key to the future of biosciences

Biocat articulates its action through four strategic areas: consolidation in the sector, competitiveness and talent, internationalisation and social perception of biotechnology. In addition, it carries out strategic initiatives such as the promotion of Catalan participation in the European Institute of innovation and Technology (EIT) and B·Debate, the international centre for scientific debate, activities which reinforce several central themes in a cross-cutting way.

In 2012, particular emphasis was placed on the activities of the second main theme, Competitiveness and talent. Consequently, in structuring the contents of this report it was deemed appropriate to group them, following a more descriptive logic, into the four chapters below:

Entrepreneurship and innovation
Training and talent
• Debate, knowledge and society

In addition to the public activities that Biocat has organised throughout 2012 —54 in total— and the twenty in which it collaborated (see detailed list), work has been done on the preparation of many projects that will be carried out throughout 2013 or, even, in subsequent years. Because this is undoubtedly a sector with a future.

In 2012, Biocat organised more than 50 public activities and worked on the preparation of major projects for 2013 (BioEurope Spring Barcelona, d·HEALTH, the Biocat Report...).